Nearly every business that sells products retail needs to have a cash register to make quick work of taking care of the customers that are ready to buy. Cash registers have been around for over 170 years since they were first invented right after the American Civil War. Since then, the basic register itself hasn’t changed a whole lot, but the electronics and connectivity of it have changed a lot. Gone are the mechanical levers that used to ring up the purchases and open the drawer, now everything from the buttons to the readout is all electronic and digital. There are still lots of different options to choose from, let’s take a look at some of the most popular options and their benefits.

Take Note Of The Amount Of Space You Have Available

In many situations, there isn’t very much space for the cash register to occupy where it can be used correctly. Retail businesses come in all sizes and shapes but many times they forget to leave enough space for the register. Remember also, that it needs to have enough space in front of it for a person to stand plus the cash drawer to open and close properly without hitting something.

There will have to be an electrical connection nearby for it to plug into, and you’ll also need to have space for the customer’s shopping cart to empty onto the countertop, and then each item to be rung up and placed somewhere else so as not to be confused with the items that haven’t been entered into the register yet. While this sounds a little complicated, it’s not, but many times businesses forget to leave enough space for everything that needs to be done at checkout.

You’ll Also Want To Decide If You Want The Computer Connection And Scanning Wand

In some businesses, there aren’t lots of small items that people buy, just services, or maybe one or two large things that go on a receipt. Those types of businesses could get by with a very basic Sharp XE-A107 cash register that is considered entry level. It has a quick entry slot for checks and large bills to be entered into the cash drawer without being opened, a key to change the mode from on to off, and also a key locked cash drawer.

Inside the cash drawer, there are slots for 4 types of bill and coins. Then the receipt printer is drum style, which are long lasting and well built. The LED display uses bright, large numbers for easy reading even in sunny outside locations; there are eight departmental keys to keep purchases separated by the different departments in the store.

It also has the ability to use 3 AA batteries as a backup when the power goes out. As with all Sharp cash registers, there are online manuals, online video tutorials, FAQ’s, and user support by phone 24/7. All Sharp registers come with a one year access to technical help on setup and use as well.

What you won’t find on this model is computer connectivity, credit card direct link terminal, a separate journal and receipt printer, a customer LED display, or a barcode scanner. When checking the online reviews most were quite positive, 4 or 5 stars, and many of the lower ratings were because people didn’t research the features well enough before purchase.

The Better Sharp Cash Register Is The XE-A407

When you step up to the register that has more features you end up saving quite a bit of time on your bookkeeping and transferring information into your computer. You also gain a journal printer which keeps a written record of all purchases in case of glitches or power outages, you never know.

In addition to those features, it comes with duel readout so the customer can see the prices and total the same as the clerk. A direct credit card terminal link is included and a super quiet thermal receipt printer as well.

Although it costs more than the XE-A107 by almost double, it has a much higher satisfaction level at nearly 80% 4 and 5-star ratings. If you need a bar code scanner you have to move up to the XE-A507 which is nearly identical in every way except that feature.

All of the Sharp cash registers are well rated online and had plenty of features and benefits for the price. It’s important to take the time to decide which features you need by looking at the online chart so you don’t order the wrong machine for your business.

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